How to train a cat to use a cat flap

Cats are inquisitive creatures. Put a cardboard box out and you’ll see what we mean. Not only will the cat start sizing the box up, but it’ll also jump into the box to make doubly sure it can or cannot fit. This primal curiosity expands to more dangerous scenarios; and hence, the old proverb “curiosity […]

The advantages of triple glazing

triple glazed windows

In Scandinavia and Canada, triple glazing has been standard fit for decades. Why? Because to get through a harsh winter, you need the best insulation and triple glazing outperforms double glazing by a significant margin. It has been estimated that a home loses 25 to 30% of its heat through air leaks around windows. Triple […]

The advantages of an Orangery over a Conservatory


Orangeries and conservatories are both popular single-storey extensions. They do not usually require planning permission, are relatively affordable, and nearly always add value to a house if they add more usable living space. The key difference between an orangery and conservatory is one of the roof structure. Conservatory roofs are directly connected to the side […]

Tiled Conservatory Roof: What are the Benefits?

tiled conservatory roof

The UK has a long and storied history with conservatories, one which dates back to the 17th century when Orangeries arrived in the UK from Europe, where they’d entered fashion among the gentry as a way to grow exotic and fruits and vegetables in harsh climates. By the time they arrived here, these largely-brick based […]

Why Choose a Composite Door?

Grey composite entrance door installation

When it comes to the safety and style of your home, it never pays to cut corners. That’s why, when we’re deciding on which doors to fit in our homes, we’re all increasingly prone to investigating our options carefully. Your choice of door material has a huge effect on the safety, aesthetics and value of […]

The Benefits of Aluminium Windows

Grey aluminium bifolds with one door open

When you’re improving your home it can often feel like you’re adrift in a sea of choices. From the colour of the paint on your walls to the grout between your tiles, almost every little change requires you to sift through a world of complicated decisions. It’s no different when it comes to your windows […]

6 things to do in Harrogate this spring

Harrogate is one of the most popular towns in North Yorkshire. Ever since a spring was discovered in the 16th century, people have flocked to the town and it became a popular spa destination. Enjoy the finest Yorkshire hospitability Harrogate is known for its quaint tea rooms so why not relax and enjoy a homemade […]