Stained glass windows created by K Glazing in Yorkshire, UK

Here at K Glazing, we pride ourselves on being able to stand out from the pack. This we have achieved largely by developing a large range of unique and high quality glass products exclusively available to our customers. The best part? – They’re suitable for any glass found in your home!

We think having specialist glass installed within your property or home can help give it that personal touch whilst also creating a sense of identity. Whether it be the subtle elegance of adding engraving to your panels or something a little more distinct in the form of our bespoke stained options, K Glazing is perfectly situated to transform any house based in Yorkshire.

Custom made glass options tailored to your needs

A huge part of what makes us the best specialist glass supplier in Yorkshire is in some of the unique ways we can renovate any window or glass pane throughout your home in any shape, style or colour you’d like.

Here are just some of the unique products we supply – definitely worth glazing over:

Stained glass: Originally found exclusively in only the most ornate and wealthy homes, a stained glass window option can now be easily tailored to suit a whole range of different style homes, from heritage to more modern properties.

Stained glass windows supplied by us gives you the opportunity to truly be creative when designing the aesthetic of your home, having over 200 colours available. What’s more, thanks to the modern advances in stained glass development technology they’ve never been more cost-effective to install, now making it a viable option for any domestic home.

Engraved glass: In order to help you more effectively achieve the ideal custom design you wish to apply to your glass area, we also provide glass engraving. Our techniques include cutting, sandblasting, etching and drilling, all ensuring we are cut out for the job.

Any of these techniques can be applied to create a variety of bespoke designs suitable to the current style and character of your house. Always dreamed of having a specific pattern or image on your entrance door to welcome you home each day? Engraved glass is for you!

Bespoke glass splashbacks: To most people, the idea of considering something as detailed and specific as a bespoke glass splashback may seem out of this world. After all, it’s only functional purpose is to protect walls so not to cause rot right? Wrong!

With a bespoke design supplied by K Glazing it’s never been easier to give you a glass splashback able to perfectly match the style of your kitchen or bathroom. No more is the splashback merely just functional, now it’s an ornamental feature of your home sure to draw every visitor’s eye.

Integrated glass cat-flaps: Our unique glass products are even tailored to meet the requirements of pet lovers everywhere, no longer having to be considered an eyesore.

Previously when having a cat-flap installed it resulted in a fairly ugly contraption that in no way fitted in with the rest of your home. A flap supplied by us can be fixed to suit any door style you may desire. However thickly glazed, they are seamlessly added to your home without tarnishing your glass door’s aesthetics.

Unmatched customer service


Another important factor our customers consider when choosing us to install their specialist glass is undoubtedly our ability to listen to your needs. We understand that when selecting any form of home improvement for your house, the journey begins with you and as such we’ll guide you through every step.

Not only are our craftsmen highly trained specialists in the work that they carry out and do, but we believe it’s important for you that we work within realistic timescales to ensure work is completed when we say it will be, never leaving you waiting.

No mountain too high, no valley too low

There’s no limit to where our bespoke specialised glass services can be applied in and around your home. Whether your passionate about completing an engraved greenhouse, sandblasted mirror or even an etched living room table, any of our services mentioned is only limited by the amount of glass present in your home.

K Glazing: The specialist glass specialists

Who better to trust with your specialised glass home improvements than a family-run business such as us? Not only do we have over 35 years’ experience of installing a number of windows, doors and conservatories but we are also able to offer custom-tailored products to help give your home that personalised edge.

Discover more about how any and all of our specialist glass products can help to improve your home by giving us a call today and receiving a free quote!