Although a stable door might appear to be a standard door at first glance, a stable door is split into two parts – an upper and a lower half. These two halves lock together, and you can open them separately because they are on their own hinges.

Stable doors are so-called because they were first used in stables to secure horses while giving them a view outside. Stable doors for your home operate in the same way, only they have insulation and glazing as normal doors do.

The advantages of stable doors in your home

There are several advantages to stable doors for your home:

  1. Great for ventilation

Need to let some air in? Just open the top half of the door. This is great because the lower half will prevent leaves and dirt from getting blown into your home. The top half will let air in while the bottom half will stop most nasties.

  1. Toddler and dog safe

Want to let some air in? You can leave the top half of your stable door open and lock the lower half. This will let air in and stop your toddler and dog from escaping. Cats will be able to jump over the door too, so no more meowing at the door.

  1. Increases security on half-open

If you want to keep your back door open to let some air in, keeping the lower half locked and the top half open is better for security than leaving your whole door open. Few thieves will want to jump over your door opportunistically.

  1. You can open the top half only a little

Stable doors can have built-in levels that let you open the top half just a touch. It’s a common misconception that stable doors are either open or shut. Most new doors have a ratchet system or a lock system for the top half.

  1. Lots of designs available

Stable doors are available in modern, traditional and period designs in any colour or stain to suit the character of your property. The top half of the door can also have glazing in various styles. Stained glass is a popular option for character homes.

  1. Stylish and extremely desirable

Stable doors are the only kind of door that we would call desirable. They are solid, extremely reliable and look great. We know plenty of people who have upgraded to stable doors just because their neighbours have them.

Should you get stable doors for your home?

If you want to upgrade your doors and the advantages of stable doors in this article appeal to you, you should definitely consider stable doors.

Stable doors work best for front doors and back doors. Imagine being able to keep your door open without opening all of it. This is great for dogs and children. Best of all, you will give up nothing in terms of efficiency or security.

Backed by our amazing 10-year guarantee, our stable doors would make a perfect addition to your home. Find out more here.