design your own window

Have you ever wanted to design your own window? One family we recently completed an installation for decided to do just that, letting their children design their own special window…

A unique and personal approach to customising a home

Mr and Mrs Jarman wanted to find a way that they could customise the aesthetic of their home in an incredibly unique and personal way. A neighbour ended up recommending K Glazing to the family and they contacted us to see if we could help them.

After some careful thought, some advice from us, and some initial research about the best ways of personalising their home, the family decided on the touching idea of letting their children come up with their own designs for the window.

Double glazing for superb thermal and acoustic insulation

As well as capturing the precious moments of the early years of their children, the Jarmans also needed a new window that would improve the warmth of their home. We suggested that the new window should utilise double glazing for this reason.

Double glazing uses the insulating space between two panes of glass to slow the escape of heat from a building. This keeps it warmer for longer and can potentially reduce the cost of heating bills in a home by reducing the amount of energy you need to use to keep warm.

Creating the window and installing it

K Glazing have over 35 years experience of improving homes across Yorkshire, making us one of the most skilled double glazing companies in the region. As a result, creating and installing this bespoke double glazed window presented no problem to us whatsoever. Our team of exceptionally trained glaziers and fitters were able to build and install the window in record time.

Another happy family!

The Jarmans were incredibly pleased with the standard of the finished window installation, and the increased thermal and acoustic insulation benefits that it brought to their home. To find out how you could also transform the appearance and thermal performance of your property, give us a call on 01977 700025
or send us an email.