When it comes to the safety and style of your home, it never pays to cut corners. That’s why, when we’re deciding on which doors to fit in our homes, we’re all increasingly prone to investigating our options carefully.
Your choice of door material has a huge effect on the safety, aesthetics and value of your doors, so it really is a decision worth pondering over; especially with options like wood, uPVC, aluminium and composite on the proverbial table.
Today, composite has become the leading material for doors. But what are composite doors made of, and what are their advantages? Join us as we take a look.
What are Composite Doors?
Unlike wood, uPVC or aluminium, the makeup of composite doors isn’t immediately obvious. However, its name does give away its big secret – that composite doors are made of a number of different materials.
These vary from model to model and between manufacturers, but most composite doors feature a steel reinforced uPVC outer frame and a solid wood timber core, layered with high-density CFC-free foam, steel reinforcement and compression seals for improved insulation.
This combination of materials ensures that the flaws which plague competing door types like those found in aluminium, uPVC or wood doors are ‘designed out’ by combining the unique benefits of each type of door material.
Composite Door Brochure
What are the Advantages of Composite Doors?
• They’re exceptionally strong and durable – Security is at the heart of what we hope for from our exterior doors, and that’s exactly what composite doors offer. With an insulating foam, strong wooden core, uPVC and aluminium framing, they’re exceptionally hard to break into, dramatically improving the security of your home
• They offer tremendous thermal efficiency – Keeping your home warm in winter and cool in summer is no easy task but it begins with thermal efficiency. Put simply, the higher the thermal efficiency of your home, the less energy you need to use to get it to a comfortable temperature. Composite doors are the most thermally efficient of any door on the market today and, as a nice side effect, they’re tremendous at keeping noise out too.
• They’re fully customisable – Think you know what a composite door looks like? Think again, because there’s more than one way a composite door can look. Able to be styled to resemble whatever you choose, composite doors are ideal for any kind of property. Go ultra-modern or traditional, add a letterbox, build in a knocker and even add a matching side-panel if you require. The possibilities are endless.
• They require no maintenance – Whatever style and finish you opt for; composite doors require virtually no maintenance to keep looking their best. With a glass reinforced plastic skin, your door will stay looking it’s very best for the years and decades to come. The only maintenance required? Cleaning your glass from time to time.
Of course, those are just a handful of the many benefits that composite doors offer to your home. With over 10 distinct panel designs, 15 vibrant colour options and dozens of unique handle, letterbox, knocker and glass styles available, we’re confident that you’ll find the composite door of your dreams with K Glazing.