commercial project

Although based in Leeds, K Glazing also serve cities, towns and villages across the rest of the UK. Recently a manufacturer recommended us to a company based in London for an exciting commercial project: the biggest installation we’ve undertaken in the history of our business!

The project brief

The project involved installing 196 windows in a block of private flats in West Drayton, London. It was the largest commission that K Glazing has ever undertaken and took our company an amazingly quick 3 weeks to complete.

Specialist acoustic glazing

The London company who commissioned our services wanted to improve the soundproofing properties of the block of flats. Noise pollution is an extensive problem in London, and many properties; both modern and traditional, suffer from excessive external sounds penetrating into the building. This block of flats in particular experienced large amounts of acoustic pollution, day and night.

We were able to help though: K Glazing are experts when it comes to supplying specialist glazing. We recommended that the company install soundproof windows (also known as acoustic glass) to help reduce the impact of noise pollution on the flats. Soundproof windows are a form of double glazing that provides enhanced protection against external acoustics. The client agreed, we got to work and they were overjoyed with the result. Another happy customer.

Looking for specialist glazing? We could be the company for you…

K Glazing have over 35 years’ glazing experience in Yorkshire, making us one of the most skilled glazing companies around. Glazing technology has improved massively over the last few years. There are now a variety of different types to choose from with different properties, such as glare reduction, enhanced energy efficiency and reduced maintenance. If you’re looking for a type of glazing that performs a specific function, our product range is the perfect place to look.

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