windows with Christmas lights“Just put on another layer!”

Sound familiar? Maybe it’s time to listen to your other half, and apply their theory to your windows. Opt for triple glazing this Winter.

Forget the jumper – add another layer of glazing

Triple glazing is a simple way to retain more heat in your home. The added space between the panes of glass prevents heat escaping and insulates noise from the outside too.

Triple glazing is therefore a great solution for colder days when you want to make the most of the energy you are using to heat your home (or when you want to muffle the sounds of carol singers…)

Improve the security of your home on dark evenings

Winter provides residential thieves with longer periods of dark and appealing Christmas presents. Fortunately, triple glazing can help to secure your windows – the favoured entrances for intruders.

An extra layer of glazing, especially with reinforced glass, is harder to break, therefore deterring thieves who want to make a quick entry. Triple glazing can really give you peace of mind, especially on darker Winter evenings or when you’re wrapping up that new gadget.

Performance that lasts

Due to the added layer of protection from the outside, triple glazing easily outperforms single glazed units in terms of durability and lifespan.

If installed by an experienced tradesmen, triple glazing should have a guaranteed life of a minimum of 10 years – that means at least a decade of not worrying about your windows becoming misted,draughty or insecure.

K Glazing – the triple glazing specialists

Based in Pontefract, K Glazing are ideally located to offer triple glazing installation across South and West Yorkshire. This includes Leeds, Castleford, Garforth, Wetherby and any of the surrounding areas.

We have over 25 years’ experience in the double glazing industry, making us a company you can trust. We have satisfied thousands of homeowners with our installations in this time – customer satisfaction is our priority, whether with installation of aluminium windows or any of our other home improvement solutions.