Integrated blinds are nothing new, but they have gotten more sophisticated over the last decade. For example, you can now get integrated blinds that work by remote. You can also get blinds that automatically close and open on a timer.

There are numerous advantages to integrated blinds over regular blinds and they can also replace curtains to make rooms appear larger.

What are integrated blinds?

Integrated blinds sit between two panes of glass, so they are built into double glazed windows and doors. They used to be incredibly expensive but recent innovations mean they are now cheaper than they have ever been.

The advantages of integrated blinds

Integrated blinds are often overlooked in favour of regular blinds for existing windows and doors because they are more expensive with more installation criteria, but they are superior products for several reasons which we’ll go into now.

Integrated blinds never need cleaning

Integrated blinds are installed between two panes of glass. This sealed environment produces no dust, and it is sealed off from the elements, so no cleaning is required (and in many cases, it would be impossible anyway).

Integrated blinds don’t shake around when it’s windy

Regular blinds are annoying when you need to open a window. Even when they are rolled up they shake around with the slightest breeze. Integrated blinds are sealed between two glass panes, so they never shake when it’s windy.

Integrated blinds last longer than regular blinds

Because integrated blinds are sealed away, there is no risk of them getting damaged with use. They will last as long as the pulley system holds up. Your integrated blinds should last as long as your glazing, which could be decades.

Integrated blinds look better than blinds and curtains

If you’re installing new patio doors, bi-fold doors or windows, you can get units with integrated blinds built in. Not only do these look better than windows with external blinds and curtains, but they also open up your home with a cleaner look.

Integrated blinds let you play with natural light

Because integrated blinds are installed individually in each glazed unit, you can open up different areas of a room to natural light. For example, you could let light in from a window and restrict it from another to prevent glare on your TV.

Integrated blinds are cost-effective

Integrated blinds cost more than curtains and external blinds, but you pay for all the advantages outlined above. The biggest pluses in terms of cost are that integrated blinds last over a decade and they always look like new.

Fancy a quote?

As one of Yorkshire’s leading double glazing companies, we supply integrated blinds and offer the option for all new window and door purchases.

Our integrated blinds have an innovative magnetic pulley system that lasts longer than mechanical pulley systems. We offer integrated blinds in most double glazing. The additional cost is around 30% on top of the cost of the windows. To find out more, call us on 01977 700025 or email us at