In Scandinavia and Canada, triple glazing is standard on new builds because it is a considerable improvement over the best double glazing.

Triple glazing can significantly improve the thermal efficiency of your property by keeping more heat in and eliminating cold spots near windows. However, whether it is worth getting in the UK really depends on what you want to achieve.

If you want to create the most thermally efficient property possible, then triple glazing is the finest product on the market. Eco homes use triple glazing because they have very little heat transfer, helping a building retain heat.

The caveat is that this performance comes at a price.

Over double glazing, you’re looking at circa £150 more per window. This means to fit property with 10 triple glazed windows, you are looking at a £1,500 premium over double glazing, not including patio and bi-fold doors.

This is a significant cost increase, which, if you don’t live in a cold climate, maybe too high to warrant, unless you want extreme thermal efficiency.

In our opinion, triple glazing is actually a bargain. It takes a lot more time to manufacture than double glazing and in many ways, it is overengineered for thermal efficiency. This leads to an extremely high-quality end product.

Looking beyond the benefits of thermal efficiency

Most properties in the UK do just fine with A-rated double glazing because the climate is mild. However, there are other benefits to triple glazing.

Noise insulation

The biggest benefit aside from better thermal efficiency is better noise insulation. Triple glazing reduces traffic noise by over half. In areas with a lot of noise pollution, this creates a much more relaxing environment. Its ability to reduce low-frequency noise (e.g. thunder rumbling) and high-frequency noise (e.g. car horns) mean it is far better suited to cities and properties that are located near busy roads.

Greater security 

Another tangible benefit is security. Three panes of glass are more difficult to smash through than two. When a brick is used to smash double glazing, the brick will smash the first pane and often take the second pane with it. With triple glazing, the frame is thicker and more robust, so in addition to an extra pane of glass, you have the effect of far greater shock absorption. Bricks often bounce off it because of this.

Property resale value

The quality of your windows can play a small role in the value of your property. When prospective buyers see the words ‘TRIPLE GLAZING’, they know that a property has had thought put into it and money spent on it. You can use your windows as a selling point to appeal to those who don’t want to spend money when they move in. In doing so, you can sell faster and get the price you want.

So, triple or double?

Double glazing is the cheapest option and in terms of thermal efficiency, A-rated windows do just fine in our mild British climate.

However, triple glazing is far superior in terms of thermal efficiency, noise insulation and security. You pay a premium for these benefits, but they are worth having if you can afford them and you do notice a difference in practice.

When we enter a property with triple glazing, we can tell immediately if it is triple glazed without inspecting the windows because it is dead silent inside. Double glazing gives away more noise. It also feels cooler to the touch.

You might also be pleasantly surprised by a quote for triple glazing. It is typically 30% more than double glazing but there are deals to be had. Glazing specialists like us can source triple glazed windows at lower prices than the high street.