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Whether you think about it or not, your home’s windows are one of the best ways to successfully bring the outdoors in, helping you connect with your home in terms of both safety and security. An element of your windows that should never be understated however, is the way in which they are able to complement your home’s aesthetic, as well as the functional features they provide.

Much like yourself, your home has its own sense of personality and character that is wholly unique when compared to any other. If you’re considering changing out your current windows or are presently contemplating a redesign, it’s important to choose the best window option for your home and nail it first time. Each style has its own individual features and benefits that can easily make for a great selection.

Window styles that successfully complement your home’s architecture

All homes have a specific architectural design that makes them unique, often guiding homeowners to choose which type of replacement window would best compliment the present aesthetic. Whether you have a modern home that boasts a contemporary and sleek design or a traditional Georgian style home that helps bring a sense of grandeur, there’s always a window that can enhance these elements.


If you find yourself living in a more modern home that makes use of open rooms, clean lines and streamlined furnishings, casement windows are a strong and dependable choice. Remaining the most popular choice for UK homeowners for over 30 years now, casement windows provide modern visuals with slim sightlines all whilst requiring little to no maintenance. Perfect for the modern homeowner.

If something a little more unique is desired, tilt & turn windows act as the most versatile choice thanks to their innovative opening action that sees the window able to be tilted or turned in the desired way. Usually found in multi-story properties and offices, tilt & turn are not only of high quality but are highly affordable, boasting a dual functionality that provides more choice within any modern home.


One of the most important visual elements present to properties of the 18th and 19th century, sash windows boast all of the authentic aesthetics of the past whilst never corrupting all of the practical benefits that a modern window has to offer. Unlike old timber windows, our sash windows are supplied with double glazing as standard to ensure that your classic-style home always operates at peak energy efficiency.

If you thought it impossible to install a modern window that would compromise the aesthetics of your period property, think again! Sash windows are extremely easy to operate and can provide the ideal level of ventilation required whilst making use of authentic deep bottom rails and sash horns which makes them almost indistinguishable with their timber originals. If you live in a heritage-style property and wish to maintain it’s character, sash windows easily achieve this and much more.
uPVC windows with astragal bars

Remain comfortable no matter which window option you opt for

Now that the hard part is done and your window style is selected, it’s important to note that any modern day window option is capable of making you feel comfortable in the home, thanks to the benefits that additional glazing has to offer. When opting for your chosen style through K Glazing, you can be assured that it will always operate at peak energy efficiency, achieving an ‘A+’ rating from the WER as standard.

For those who wish to guarantee the reduction of heat loss in their home, triple glazing provides a whole host of benefits. Through using three panes rather than the recommended two, heat is more easily trapped within your window’s frame to further provide enhanced thermal and acoustic retention all year round. This keeps your home warmer, for longer and reduces the amount of energy you would typically use.

Personalisation is never off the table with any K Glazing window

Much like the thermal and energy saving benefits each style of window is able to provide thanks to the use of high quality uPVC, it’s entirely plausible to further customise the colour of your chosen window option also. Ranging from classic colour choices like white and cream to more traditional effects such as rosewood or light oak, there’s always a colour choice to suit every home.

High quality double glazing installers operating throughout Yorkshire

K Glazing have 35 years’ experience helping homeowner’s discover their ideal window option that best compliments their home, establishing a reputation within the local Yorkshire community that we are more than proud of. For more information on how a new window style can help enhance your home, call us on 01977 700025 or get in touch online.