The UK has a long and storied history with conservatories, one which dates back to the 17th century when Orangeries arrived in the UK from Europe, where they’d entered fashion among the gentry as a way to grow exotic and fruits and vegetables in harsh climates.

By the time they arrived here, these largely-brick based buildings were exclusively for the wealthy, appearing everywhere from Buckingham Palace to the Oxford Botanic Garden, where it’s said the first conservatory was built in the UK.

Over the centuries, conservatories became something that many homeowners could afford and, as land prices rose and housing plots grew smaller, they became a desirable way to expand the footprint of our homes.

Today, approximately 18% of households in England have conservatories. That’s over 4.3 million homes in the UK with conservatories. But, as anyone who has a conservatory will tell you, they’re not without their issues.

Although they excel in creating additional leisure space within a home, they are difficult to keep at a constant temperature and, therefore, only usable at certain points throughout a year.

It’s a problem that’s stems from the design of modern conservatories, which are thermally inefficient and constructed from materials which create a greenhouse effect when the sun shines.

It’s why, increasingly, people are turning towards tiled conservatory roof systems. Cleverly designed to replace the glass or plastic roof of your existing conservatory with an insulated roof system, complete with lightweight tiles, they completely transform your conservatory.

But what are the benefits of such a system? Let’s take a look.

Year-Round Usability

Around 77% of conservatories have some sort of heating system that’s active throughout most of the year to keep them at a comfortable temperature, according to the Department of Energy.

Not only does that use a huge amount of energy, ramping up bills, it means conservatories are rarely usable, as they require significant heating to be comfortable.

Similarly, when the summer months hit, conservatories often become uncomfortably warm.

By installing a tiled conservatory roof, you dramatically increase the thermal efficiency of your conservatory. No longer too cold in winter and too warm in summer, conservatories with tiled roofs are able to keep a comfortable temperature throughout the year. Whilst you do lose a small amount of light, you gain a huge amount of usability.

Improved Aesthetics

Conservatories can often stick out from a home like a sore thumb, barely reflecting the home they’re attached to. It’s part of the reason why conservatories can be divisive to buyers, with many potential purchasers put off by poorly thought-out conservatories.

Tiled roofing systems for conservatories are carefully designed to match your home and custom built to fit virtually any style and size of conservatory.

Simply select a tile which matches that of your home and you’ll find that your conservatory blends seamlessly into your property, transforming it into a beautiful extension, rather than a tacked-on afterthought.

Added Value

The improved usability and aesthetics that solid tile roof adds to a conservatory can really add value to a property. Think of it this way, who wouldn’t want a beautiful, well-lit room that they can use at any time of the year?

It’s why, when it comes to selling your home, you’ll find buyers can’t get enough of your tiled conservatory roof.