When you’re improving your home it can often feel like you’re adrift in a sea of choices.

From the colour of the paint on your walls to the grout between your tiles, almost every little change requires you to sift through a world of complicated decisions. It’s no different when it comes to your windows either, with choices to be made about the style of your window, it’s materials, colours and more.

Every day we speak to homeowners pulling their hair out over their new windows and so, in this article, we’re going to address one of the biggest questions we’re posed – why would you buy aluminium windows?

After all, it wasn’t so long ago that aluminium windows were demonised for having poor thermal efficiency and lacking support for advanced features found in uPVC window frames.

Today, however, aluminium frames have come on in leaps and bounds and are now one of the leading options for those looking to add value to their home.

But why? Join us as we share a few of the biggest benefits of aluminium windows.

Aluminium is Extremely Strong & Lightweight

One of the primary benefits of aluminium windows is the material they’re constructed from.

Aluminium is amongst the lightest materials around but it also boasts immense structural strength. This has allowed designers to maximise the amount of glass in each window, reducing the size and visibility of frames greatly.

For this reason, aluminium windows have become favoured by architects and those with a desire to bring modernity to their homes.

Another benefit of lightweight windows and doors is that they’re extremely easy to operate, even when fitted with large sheets of glass, like in bi-fold doors.

They have Superior Durability

Aluminium, alongside its light weight and strength, is also known for its exceptional durability, and that’s certainly the case with aluminium window frames.

Unlike wood which can swell and discolour or uPVC which can stain or bleach, aluminium windows have no significant flaws in their durability. Able to withstand almost any weather condition and requiring almost no care or maintenance, they last for decades at a time.

Although they may cost a little more than uPVC windows, their superior durability means their long-term cost is lower.

They’re Eco-Friendly

There’s no denying that with over 7 billion people on earth, the need to re-use and recycle materials is greater than it has ever been before. Quite simply, single-use materials don’t make for an eco-friendly product.

Aluminium is recycled across the world, with everything from cans of pop to smartphones becoming window frames. Eventually, when it’s time to recycle your window frames, they can be melted down and reconstituted as anything that’s needed. It’s an earth-friendly outlook that we all need to adopt.

They have Superior Insulation

Aluminium has one major weakness as a material – it has a very low thermal efficiency. In practical terms, that means that it heats up very quickly and cools very quickly, making it bad at regulating the internal temperature of your home.

For years, this inherent limitation meant that aluminium windows suffered from poor insulation, hurting their reputation.

However, thanks to developments in thermal technology and manufacturing, aluminium windows are now amongst the best insulated on the market, making them a very fine option for those looking to improve the thermal properties of their home.

Indeed, today, aluminium windows are often more efficient than uPVC windows, which make use of steel internal frames, which reduces their thermal efficiency.

They’re Customisable

Windows don’t have to look alike, and with aluminium windows, you can truly express your individuality. A choice of finishes is available, ranging from wood-effect to bright, painted metal styles.

It’s another element of choice, yes, but it means that you can get a finish which blends effortlessly with your home.