Smart Heritage- benefits of aluminium windows

You’ve probably heard of aluminium windows but do you know everything they have to offer your home? Let’s take a look at the top benefits of aluminium windows and what this could mean for you.

An attractive window for every home

They look good. Aluminium windows have an ultramodern and attractive appearance. With their slim and sleek frames, they allow in more light and you can enjoy more glass rather than frame. Fill your home with an abundance of natural light and make your home feel bright and welcoming. This slim look is particularly effective in modern homes.


Aluminium is an extremely strong yet lightweight material. This allows it to hold larger panes of glass compared to other window materials. This also makes aluminium a durable material, giving you windows that will last for years to come.

Bespoke windows tailormade for your home

If you want something different to the standard window style, aluminium is your best choice. Even though it’s extremely strong, it’s also very flexible. This means it’s easily shaped so can create a bespoke window to fit any space.

Superb energy efficiency all year round

The efficiency of aluminium windows is unparalleled. With a thermally broken profile, your home’s insulation will be quickly boosted. All our aluminium windows can reach an A energy rating and with higher insulation comes lower bills. You will find draughts disappear and your home will stay at a comfortable temperature all year round.

aluminium windows

Flexible styles

Aluminium windows are versatile enough to come in a wide range of styles to suit all homes and tastes. We offer aluminium windows in casement, tilt & turn, pivot and heritage options for traditional homes. You can even have bespoke shaped windows if you’re looking for something different.

Easy to look after

The durability of aluminium means these windows are virtually maintenance free. All it takes is a simple clean every so often to keep them looking pristine all year round. Rust, corrosion and fading are no issue with aluminium so are the perfect choice for harsher coastal areas.

Beautiful colours

If you want to boost your kerb appeal, choose windows that can be coloured in any way you desire. Our aluminium windows can come in any of the hundreds of RAL colours which include woodgrain effects. There’s bound to be a colour that suits your home and will make the neighbours envious of your beautiful home. There’s no need to repaint our aluminium windows. Whatever colour you choose will stay looking good for years to come.

heritage aluminium windows

Security is always important

Security is always a priority with our aluminium windows. Every style comes with effective locks to protect you home even when you’re not there. Secured by Design accreditation is available with our casement, tilt & turn and heritage window styles. Aluminium’s strength is a further barrier against intrusion.

A sustainable choice

Protecting the environment is important to us and choosing aluminium is the environmentally friendly choice. Aluminium is recyclable and our manufacturers follow rigorous recycling processes as well as doing their best to become carbon neutral.

Yorkshire’s window specialists

Having your aluminium windows installed by a reliable company will ensure they impress for years to come. Here at K Glazing, we’re a family-run company providing West Yorkshire with high quality windows, doors and conservatories for over 35 years.