With energy prices rising and switching suppliers yielding increasingly lower rewards, looking for other ways to lower your energy bills is an intelligent thing to do.

The simplest way to lower your energy bills is to use your central heating less because boilers (be them electricity or gas-powered) consume A LOT of energy. However, for this to be practical, your house needs to retain heat efficiently.

One way to increase your home’s ability to retain heat is with triple glazing, a product Scandinavian housebuilders fit as standard. This article will look at whether triple glazing is worth it in the UK, with practical advice from our experts.

Triple glazing vs double glazing 

A common misconception about triple glazing is it isn’t worth it in the UK, where the balmy average winter temperature of 7°C makes double glazing more than adequate.

While double glazing is adequate, triple glazing is 40% to 60% better than A-rated double glazing at retaining heat, a significant increase that can be felt in any home.

The biggest loss of heat in most double-glazed houses is the windows, despite what window manufacturers say. This is especially true of double glazing made over a decade ago, which can be up to 50% less efficient than modern glazing.

You WILL get your money back in energy savings

How much more expensive is triple glazing compared to double glazing? For any like-for-like window, you will pay around 40% more.

However, triple glazing will pay you back within a decade of installation, providing you use your boiler less (which should happen naturally with a warmer home). Your glazing should also last 20 years or more, so the savings add up over time.

The short-term benefit to triple glazing is a warmer home, with cost savings compounding over time. If you need new windows and are considering triple glazing, you will pay around 50% more (so a £3,000 project becomes a £4,500 project).

Other benefits to triple glazing 

In addition to keeping your home warm for longer and reducing your energy bills, triple glazing eliminates cold spots near windows. It also significantly reduces exterior noise and makes windows virtually soundproof from the inside.

Another unspoken benefit to triple glazing is the enhanced security – three layers of glass are harder to smash than two layers of glass.

It’s also important to point out that the world’s finest new eco-homes always have triple glazing. If you are concerned about climate change and intend to install solar panels and ground source heat pumps, triple glazing is essential to retain heat within your home and reduce dependency on the grid.

The bottom line with triple glazing

The question of whether triple is glazing is worth it depends on if you can afford it. If you need new windows anyway and can afford to pay 40% more than double glazing, you will enjoy a significantly warmer home in return.

The maths also works out over the long term – triple glazing pays itself back within a decade through lower energy bills.