Anthracite grey composite front door

Classic front door styles will never go out of fashion so why not consider transforming your home with a new entrance door. An elegant colour scheme and style will ensure that you make an entrance every time you enter your home. The benefits of these doors is that they suit any property regardless of the style. If you want to add a charming traditional feel to your modern home, here at K Glazing we have the right door for you.

Quality materials for every home

Choose from popular uPVC, modern aluminium or effective composite materials. Create a stunning door that will not only keep your home safe and warm but attractive as well. All of our doors offer efficient sound and thermal insulation so whatever you choose you can be sure that your home will enjoy the peace and quiet. With effective weatherproofing and quality glazing, you will be protected whatever the weather.

A style to suit you

With different formations of panels and glazing, you can create a bespoke door that says what you want it to. Our range of styles can allow as much or as little light in as you want, keeping privacy in your control. From the enduring Ludlow style with two glazed panels to the completely solid Thornbury, each style will instantly transform your home. Why not have a go at our composite door builder to try out some styles?

Don’t be held back by colour

White, black and grey are timeless colours that homeowners keep returning to and it’s easy to see why. Offering a sophisticated finish, these colours will exude style for your home and will never go out of fashion. We offer an almost unlimited range of colours to allow you to personalise your door to suit you. From the classic colours to bright reds and blues; there’s something perfect for every home.

White front door in composite materials with glazed panel

Add that finishing touch

Hardware is a great way to personalise your front door. We have both traditional and modern options for you to choose from. However, if you’re sticking with the classic door style, then authentic handles and letter plates will look the most impressive. Options such as a pewter monkey tail handle or a lion’s head knocker will add that charming heritage feel that you’re trying to recreate.

Glittering glazing

It’s your door so you can have as much or as little glazing as you want. Decorative options such as sandblasting and patterned or leaded glass can spruce them up and add that wow factor. Sandblasting is one of the oldest decorative methods and is created by blasting sand onto glass to roughen the surface. This can then be used to display your house number, a welcoming message or any other pattern you desire.

You could also incorporate colour into your glazing to make it stand out from the rest. This will look especially impressive in contrast with a white or black door.

Your glass and glazing specialists in Yorkshire

All of our doors will offer you superb thermal insulation as well as security. They are all approved by the police initiative Secured by Design. This means they have been rigorously tested against damage to the door and the locking mechanisms. They can withstand great force and will provide great protection for your family. Contact us today to discuss your new front door.