If you want to improve your standard of living, a porch might not be at the front of your mind as a means to go about it. But these spaces are actually very useful, and with space coming at a premium, they make financial sense as well.

Here are 10 advantages to having a porch built in your home:

  1. Somewhere to put your shoes

One of the practical benefits of having a porch is an increase in storage space and most people use theirs for shoe storage.

If you have a shoe rack that’s in the way right now or you have nowhere decent to put your shoes, a porch will benefit you every day.

  1. Somewhere for your dog (or cat)

Cats and dogs like to have their own space. Porches are a good place for them, especially in the summer when the temperature is toasty.

Cat owners will also appreciate the ability to have a cat flap that doesn’t let a load of cold air in, as is the case with front door cat flaps.

  1. A warmer home

Whatever room your porch attaches to, be it a hallway or living room, there is a perceptible difference in the thermal properties of that room with a porch.

This is because the porch acts as a barrier between the outside and your home. Colder air is trapped in the porch, but there is no draft to push that cold air in.

  1. Enhanced security

Burglars hate porches because they make their job twice as hard and much riskier since they have to break through two doors to get in.

A porch with a solid door will make burglars think twice about targeting your home, so long as the door is of good quality and fitted with anti-snap locks.

  1. Adds kerb appeal to your house

The days of square porch boxes are long gone. Porches can be beautifully made with glazing that offers panoramic views.

You can now get a porch with a tiled roof that enhances the exterior of your house, and you can build out to give the appearance of a bigger home.

  1. Gives you somewhere nice to greet

If your home has no greeting place, a porch provides one. If it only has a hallway, a porch provides a lighter and more welcoming greeting.

If you host dinner parties or have friends and family over regularly, it’s better to greet them in a porch with space than in a dark, dingy hallway.

  1. Creates the illusion of a bigger home

First impressions are important with houses and porches to open up the greeting area to give the illusion of having a lot more space.

Also, if you use your hallway for coats and shoes, a porch gives you somewhere else to store these so you can free up hallway space.

  1. Any design possible

While ‘out-of-the-box’ porch designs exist, porches can be styled to any specification, so if you want something bespoke, that’s no problem.

Most porches are glazed with brick or stonework with a tiled roof that matches the house. The cheapest porches are made entirely from UPVC.

  1. Cheap as chips

A 3m2 porch can cost as little as £2,000 all-in if you go for a pre-built UPVC one, or as much as £6,000 for the same but with premium materials.

There’s a porch for every budget. You pay more for better materials like stone and glazing with aluminium frames. The bigger the porch, the higher the cost as well.

  1. No planning permission required!

Unless you live in a Conservation Area or Listed Building, porches are classed as permitted development, so do not require an application for planning permission.

This is providing the porch does not exceed 3 metres in height from ground level and no part of the porch is within two metres of any boundary of the dwelling house and highway. You can find out more about permitted development here.