example sash upvc windows

Few windows provide the charming traditional aesthetics created by sash windows. We offer a range of high performance, mock-timber sash windows here at K Glazing. Here are 5 photos that will make you want sash windows.

What is a sash window

Sash windows have been used in British buildings for hundreds of years. First developed in the Georgian period as an practical alternative to other poorly performing window styles, sash windows typically slide open vertically and utilise an elegant design with slim sightlines for added aesthetics. 300 years later sash windows are still a popular choice with homeowners looking to add a heritage aesthetic to their property.

Interior white sash windows

In this photo, you can see why the increased natural light transmission of sash windows made them so popular in Georgian times. The slim astragal bars that divide the window into sections allow a larger amount of glazing to be accommodated, improving the amount of light that it lets in.

Simple sash windows

Sash windows don’t have to be huge to provide beautiful aesthetics. A simple sash window design, like the one above from a cottage in Ireland, is particularly stunning.

Sash windows and gardens

Sash windows can be combined to great effect with a colourful garden, creating phenomenal aesthetics.

Modern design and sash windows

For many homeowners, sash windows are the epitome of traditional elegance. What many people are unaware of though is that sash windows can also compliment modern aesthetics. The photo above proves just that.

Country sash windows

A traditional, rural property isn’t really complete until it has a beautiful set of sash windows, like the house in the picture above.

K Glazing: uPVC sash window specialists in Yorkshire

If you’re looking to invest in new energy efficient uPVC sash windows for your home, K Glazing are the perfect company to choose. We can expertly install a range of beautiful sash windows in your home. To find out more about our products and services, please give us a call on 01977 700025 or send us an email.