A porch is by no means a glamorous thing, but it’s a great way to extend a house if you can build outwards without impacting your garden.

Your porch could be at the front of your house, the side or the back, to provide more storage for shoes and bits and bats. It will also add a layer of security to your home, giving potential burglars something to think about.

Here are the 5 main benefits of having a porch:

  1. More storage space

Your porch is an extension of your home, but its purpose is not for living – it’s there to provide additional storage space. You’ll keep your shoes and coats in your porch, and maybe even your vacuum cleaner and other bits and bats.

Whether you have a large house or a small house, you can never have enough storage. A porch will bring plenty more storage to the table.

  1. A new entrance hall

A porch can certainly help you tidy up an existing entrance hall, but it can also act as an entrance hall if you don’t already have one.

For example, if your entrance leads straight into your kitchen or living room, then a porch will extend your home in a meaningful way. You can also make an existing entrance hall a lot bigger by extending outwards with a porch.

  1. Better security

There’s no doubt about it – a porch makes your home more secure because it’s an extra layer of security. It also has the effect of putting burglars off.

The truth is, if a burglar really wants to get into your house, they will, but a porch makes it unlikely they’ll be targeting that entrance point. If you secure the rest of your home just as well, then it’s unlikely you’ll be targeted.

  1. Better energy efficiency

The latest house porches are extremely energy efficient. A-rated double glazed windows and doors in a porch will ensure hardly any heat escapes your home from this area. This will have the effect of creating a warmer home.

Also, the temperature in a porch is always a couple of degrees higher than outside, so any cold air entering your property from this area won’t be as cold as from outside. This has the effect of reducing ‘chill’ and a feeling of cold air.

  1. Not that expensive

A small porch (3m2) made of brick with partial glazing will cost you around £4,000. The average price per square metre is around £1,200, but this can be as low as £1,000 if you find a contractor with good links to local suppliers.

The cheapest roof is a flat roof, but you may want a pitched roof. This will cost around 40% more than a flat roof but also look a lot nicer in tile.

You’ll probably get back the money you spend when you sell your house too. Storage is key when selling a house, so a porch is always desirable.