The Leka Roof is a lightweight, tiled, solid roofing system for new and existing conservatories and orangeries. We think it’s the best in the business following over 100 installations. It provides outstanding performance and is designed to last at least 40 years – well in excess of a glazed conservatory roof.

Here are 10 reasons why it’s the best in the business:

  1. 100% solid roofing system

Leka Roofs are 100% solid. This means they are finished with tiles rather than glazing or polycarbonate. Solid roofs are better insulators than glazed roofs and they look better with tiles that can match the tiles on a house.

  1. 40-year warranty

Leka Solid Roofs come with a 40-year warranty on the roof layers. This is a guarantee that your Leka Roof will function like new for 40 years. Defects in materials will be fixed for free, including labour, should they arise.

  1. Approved installation network

Leka Roofs are only supplied and installed by approved installers. Certified Leka Installers undergo training to ensure they can install the roof to required standards. This ensures all installations are done properly.

  1. Certified by JHAI with Building Regulations Approval

The Leka Roof is Certified by JHAI with Building Regulations Approval. Being JHAI approved means the roofing system is pre-approved with Building Regulations. This allows the system to be installed without prior approval.

  1. Weighs less than half that of a traditional roof

The Leka Roof weighs over 50% less than a glazed roof, making it one of the lightest solid conservatory roofing systems in the world. This allows it to be installed without additional reinforcement and building work.

  1. Compatible with most existing builds

Whether your conservatory has a brick base or a timber base with UPVC, the Leka Solid Roof is probably compatible without much modification. We’ve installed the Leka Roof on all kinds of conservatories with fantastic results.

  1. Metrotile and Tapco tiles match your house roof

The Leka Roof is available with either Metrotile or Tapco engineered tiles to match your home roof. These tiles are over 50% lighter than traditional tiles yet mimic the appearance of slate, stone and other materials perfectly.

  1. Fast installation

Most Leka Roofs are installed within 2-3 days. This rapid installation is the result of clever engineering and product design. The Leka Roof is designed to be easy to build at all stages of the project without the need for adaptation.

  1. All systems built to exact specifications

Although the Leka Roof has a pre-designed structural footprint, all Leka Roofs are custom built to the needs of the customer. This means your roof will fit your conservatory perfectly and look like it is the original roof.

  1. Makes an unhospitable space the best part of your home

If your conservatory is too cold in winter and too hot in the summer, the Leka Roof offers improved thermal properties. It provides shade to reduce glare and doesn’t allow the sun to heat your conservatory. It also traps in more heat when wanted.

Overall, the Leka Roof is a significant upgrade on glazing and polycarbonate. If your conservatory has a glazed or plastic roof, the Leka Roof will make your conservatory a nicer place to spend time with a 40-year warranty to match.