Leaded door frame glazing

The style of a home’s glazing can really help to define the overall aesthetic of the property. Leaded glass designs, like those that we offer here at K Glazing, are particularly popular with homeowners wanting to add a distinctive personal touch to their home.

Elizabethan leaded glass

Perfect for heritage properties or listed buildings in conservation areas, Elizabethan leaded glass is a classic design. The distinctive diagonal patterns of this type of design help to give it a traditional touch that most people instantly associated with leaded glass.

Stuart leaded glass

An intricate development of the Elizabethan style, Stuart leaded glass is noted for its elongated diamond patterns that appear simple at first look, but are actually very complex upon closer inspection. This style is suited to traditional aesthetic homes, as well as modern style homes.

Georgian leaded glass

The simplicity of Georgian leaded glass makes it well suited to the looks of both traditional, and modern, properties. The Georgian style of leaded glass is characterised by simple squares created by long strips of leading. The resulting look is a very subtle, but beautiful aesthetic.

Victorian leaded glass

As leadworking and glazing technology developed during the Industrial Revolution, large, flowing lead patterns integrated with glazing became commercially viable. The result is the ever-popular Victorian leaded glass design that we know today. Suited to both traditional, turn of the century homes and modern properties, the elegant curves of Victorian leaded glass makes it an incredibly beautiful style.

Stained leaded glass

Perhaps one of the most opulent styles of glazing, stained leaded glass was originally reserved for use in the most grand of households due to its large cost. Nowadays however, stained leaded glass is much easier to produce, make it a viable form of domestic glazing.

Cumberland leaded glass

A subtle design that uses large rectangles around the edge of the glazing to create a frame effect, the versatility of Cumberland style leaded glass makes it suited to the aesthetics of both modern and traditional properties.

K Glazing: leaded window specialists

Whether you’re looking for Elizabethan, Stuart, Georgian, Victorian, Stained or Cumberland leaded glass styles, or maybe even something bespoke, K Glazing can help. As specialist glaziers, we offer a range of glazing options to enhance the aesthetic of your property. For more information, please give us a call on 01977 700025 or send us an email.