Glass conservatory internal view

Like any type of hardworking structure, all conservatories benefit from refurbishment at some point in their working lives. If you want to maximise the use of your conservatory and save money, refurbishing it rather than replacing it completely makes economic sense.

With this in mind, perhaps the feature of a conservatory that benefits most from a refurbishment is its roof. What is the best type of conservatory roof to choose when you start the refurbishment process though?

Conservatory roof refurbishment in the 21st century

As one of the most important features of a conservatory, affecting everything from energy efficiency, natural light transmission and the overall look of your home, the quality of a conservatory roof directly reflects the performance of the conservatory. That’s why a refurbishment can enhance the benefits you enjoy from the complete structure.

Refurbishing a conservatory doesn’t have to be expensive. In fact, refurbishing a conservatory can help to enhance your overall enjoyment of your home and save you money in the long term. There’s lots of options you can choose from that can be customised to meet the needs of you and your property.

K Glazing for instance offer a dedicated conservatory repair and refurbishment service so that you can make the most of the amazing living space benefits that a conservatory can bring to your home. Here are three of the main options available when it comes to replacing a conservatory roof.

1. Polycarbonate roofs

What are they?
Thick, durable and strong, polycarbonate roofs are used widely in many modern day conservatories thanks to their good all round performance. Although not as dazzlingly beautiful as a real glass conservatory roof, polycarbonate conservatory roofs provide good all round thermal and acoustic insulation values and energy efficiency at a very reasonable price.

Features and Benefits

  • Made from weatherproof polycarbonate
  • Double glazed for additional energy efficiency and security
  • Cheaper than glass and tiled conservatory roofs
  • Good all round value and performance

Best for: Modern style homes or traditional properties on a budget

Glass conservatory roofs

What are they?

Glass conservatory roofs are a real luxury, and add lots of benefits to a conservatory. Weatherproof, stunning and naturally resistant to surface scratches, glass conservatory roofs can help to enhance both the performance and the aesthetics of a property. Also, glass conservatory roofs, although more expensive than polycarbonate, provide a much better balance of temperature in the conservatory overall. This means that you can use it comfortably all year around with no problems.

Features and Benefits

  • Crafted from double glazed glass for improved thermal insulation
  • Beautiful aesthetics and clarity of light
  • Naturally resistant to scratches and surface damage
  • Excellent acoustic insulation means that glass roofs can deaden the sound of rain

Best for: Heritage homes, contemporary homes with an ample budget

Tiled conservatory roofs

What are they?

Believe it or not but conservatories can actually be fitted with tiled roofs. Perfect for increasing the permanency of your conservatory, a tiled conservatory roof can make the structure feel like a true extension of your home. Exceptionally energy efficient, with excellent acoustic insulation and overall aesthetics, tiled conservatory roofs provide impeccable thermal performance as well as increasing privacy.

Features and Benefits

  • Lightweight tiled roof dramatically enhances energy efficiency and acoustic insulation
  • Available in a range of finishes to match the aesthetic needs of your home
  • Can help to transform the overall look of your property and increase kerbside appeal
  • Significantly improves privacy and security

Best for: Traditional and modern homes with a large budget

K Glazing: conservatory refurbishment specialists

Here at K Glazing we can provide replacement polycarbonate conservatory roofs, replacement glass conservatory roofs and tiled conservatory roofs. Whatever the needs of your conservatory refurbishment, K Glazing and our expert team of craftspeople can help to make your dream a reality.

Find out more about our conservatory roofs by giving us a call on 01977 700025 or getting a free quick quote here.