It is a common misconception that double glazing needs to be replaced when it has condensation problems.

All double glazing is designed to last decades, and most problems that cause a decline in thermal performance can be fixed. From condensation to droughts, most windows have a serviceable issue that is cheap to complete.

In other words, you probably need glazing repairs, not new windows.

Serviceable parts on windows

We’ve all seen consumer watchdog type shows about unscrupulous window salespeople conning people out of money. The number one trick is to convince people they need brand-new windows for replaceable parts.

Here is a list of such parts for glazing repairs:

  • Handles
  • Locks
  • Hinges
  • Beading
  • Glass
  • Georgian bars
  • Plastic frame sections

In rare cases, some of these are not replaceable or repairable, but nine times out of ten, a fix doesn’t involve complete replacement.

Fixing the most common issue: condensation 

Condensation is the biggest issue with old double glazing. In modern units (units manufactured in the last five years), condensation is a manufacturing defect or a sign of low quality windows (usually sourced from China).

The good news is condensation is fixable.

Condensation forms when air seeps into the unit and moisture is trapped between the panes because the seal is spent.

How do we fix condensation issues? By removing all moisture and replacing the seal, so that moisture can no longer form between the panes.

Additionally, we can perform an argon upgrade. Argon has better insulation than air, so you have an opportunity to improve your window’s thermal qualities.

Stuck and broken locks and handles

All double glazing – indeed, all windows – are susceptible to lock and handle issues, especially when the windows are used a lot.

Thankfully, we can replace locks and handles, and in some cases, all that is required is a little lubrication for the lock and hinges. An inspection by our experts will determine the best solution for your windows, and it is unlikely to be expensive.

Broken seals (the cause of most droughts)

If your windows are letting cold air in, it’s probably the seals outside the property that are spent rather than the internal seals. Gaps in caulking are common, but the mortar around the frame might also need replacing.

Caulking and mortar are simple DIY jobs requiring no expert help. However, if your windows need new seals internally, you should get an expert.

Internal seals require specialised products with careful placement to stop them from being damaged with friction and pressure (opening and closing). Thankfully, such jobs are not expensive and don’t take long at all.


Unless your windows are smashed and badly damaged, most problems are repairable with new parts. Locks and handles, hinges, seals, and even glass (in some cases) can be replaced with no need to look for new windows.

Whether your double glazed windows are wooden, aluminium or UPVC, we offer timely and affordable glazing repairs. Get in touch for a quote.