Stained Glass Windows

Add a touch of colour to your windows and doors

Stained glass is becoming increasingly popular choice for both traditional and modern properties. At K Glazing, we create stained glass for feature windows, doors, top lights and property interiors, with different coloured glass and leaded designs.

Crafted by experienced glaziers, our stained glass windows are constructed using traditional techniques, adding to their authenticity and elegant looks.

Bespoke stained glass designs

With a wide range of styles and more than 200 colours to choose from, there’s sure to be something in our extensive range of stained glass designs to suit what you’re looking for.

As specialist glaziers, K Glazing can also manufacture stained glass to your designs, to give your home a unique touch. Why not immortalise a drawing, your football club’s badge or even the Yorkshire rose in glass?

Stained glass window styles

We offer stained glass windows in a wide range of frame styles and materials, including uPVC and aluminium frames. Our windows are available in a range of colours, including White, Black, Rosewood, Cherry, Irish Oak, Cream, Chartwell Green and Anthracite Grey.

At K Glazing, we can create single stained glass sheets or incorporate your designs in double or even triple glazing. We can also replicate existing stained glass designs and match your new stained glass windows to the rest of the windows in your property.

patterned glass