Here are 5 reasons you really need to invest in uPVC sash windows for your home.

1. They have exceptional aesthetics

With slim sightlines, a beautiful sculpted frame design and an impressive sliding vertical opening action, uPVC sash windows possess exceptional aesthetics that can help to enhance the overall look and appearance of a property.

Perfect for traditional homes, or for homeowners that want to add a touch of heritage charm to their property, uPVC sash windows, unlike other forms of window, don’t detract from the overall appearance of a home when opened. This makes them an excellent option for aesthetic-minded

2. They can be made to suit a variety of homes

Thanks to the invention of a whole range of new colour finishes, uPVC windows can be made to suit the appearance of practically any type of home. There are literally hundreds of RAL shade options to choose from when it comes to colouring a uPVC window. This makes it easier than ever to tailor sash windows to your unique needs.

What’s more, woodgrain foils can be applied to your new uPVC sash window to give it the appearance of being made from real timber. These innovative finishes emulate the look and texture of a specific species of wood, giving the window the aesthetic of timber: perfect for fooling the neighbours.

3. They provide excellent levels of ventilation

With their innovative opening action, uPVC sash windows provide excellent levels of ventilation which can help to enhance the comfort of a home. Whilst many other types of window offer respectable levels of ventilation, sash windows can help to completely open up a room to the outside without compromising on security and privacy.

4. They are affordable and brilliant value

uPVC sash windows from K Glazing represent excellent value for money. Weatherproof, attractive and very energy efficient, our sash windows are designed to enhance the thermal and acoustic performance of your home without detracting from its apperance and are available at very competitive prices.

5. They are incredibly low maintenance

Thanks to the brilliant weatherproofing properties of uPVC, uPVC sash windows require relatively little maintenance to be kept working to an excellent level. Unlike conventional timber windows which need sustained effort to be kept working well, uPVC sash windows will just require the occasional clean. This makes them well suited to homeowners who can’t spare lots of time to be fiddling around with window maintenance.

Here at K Glazing we offer a variety of different types of uPVC window to enhance your home, including sash windows. Get a free quote today by calling 01977 700025 or by sending us an email.