transform your old Conservatory with plastic roof

Everyone loves a conservatory, they often become the favourite room in the house. Like all parts of a home though they can start to look tired after a while. There are lots of ways you can give your old conservatory a new lease of life.

Start from the top

If you’re starting to abandon your old conservatory because it’s too hot or cold, you could benefit from a refurbishment. With a new roof, you will be able to enjoy using it all year round. A tiled roof can make it blend in with the rest of your home as well as having a vaulted ceiling which will instantly increase your space. Glass roofs have improved in recent years. They only let the right amount of sun rays in to keep it at a comfortable temperature.

Fancy a change

How about changing how you use your conservatory? Move some furniture around to create more space and maybe transform it into a chill-out zone. With no distractions, you could add a corner sofa, cushions and candles to create a room perfect for some me-time. What about a home office? Add a desk and use those beautiful views to give you some inspiration. Changing how you use it can keep it feeling fresh and new and will make you enjoy your old conservatory even more.

Let there be light

A stunning way to brighten up your conservatory is to add a lantern roof. This is comprised of elevated glazed panes surrounded by a flat roof. Natural light floods into the room to create a welcoming atmosphere and gives the illusion of more space. As well as creating a beautiful focal point, they allow you to have solid walls without compromising how much light enters.

Conservatory with black tiled roof and white windows

Getting back to nature

Bring the outside in by allowing your home to flow into your garden. Turn your conservatory into a garden room and make the transition through the seasons smooth. Have a dining area with some outside living furniture. You can enjoy the summer and quickly retreat to your conservatory when the cooler weather begins. With bifold doors, this is made easier and can create an open plan feel with your garden, perfect for garden parties.

Simple is best

Sometimes simple changes can have the biggest impact. Invest in some blinds which look stylish as well as being functional. They will keep the room cool in the sun and protect furniture and the decor from the sun’s rays. Think bright patterns or wooden blinds to give a tropical feel.

Flawless floors

Why not update the flooring? Any style of flooring can be used, depending on your tastes and how you use your conservatory. Choose laminate for an easy clean option that looks impressive. How about a stone floor to keep you cool in the summer and give your conservatory a rustic feel?

Add a pop of colour


Experiment with colour. If you already have furniture in there that you love, why not give it a lick of paint to make it feel new again? Statement wallpaper or furniture can look impressive, especially if this contrasts with the rest of your home. If you want to create a cosy atmosphere, go for gentle pastel colours to create a relaxed atmosphere.

Make your glazing a breeze

If you feel your old conservatory could do with feeling a bit warmer, consider upgrading its windows and doors. It’s easy to have them replaced for ones with improved energy efficiency and solar control. This will keep your conservatory comfortable all year round and give it that sparkle that makes it look brand new. You could always choose a different colour to customise your windows. Our windows come in a range of colours and wood effects so create a conservatory perfect for you.

Conservatory specialists for your home

Here at K Glazing, we have all you need to transform your old conservatory into a room you love using again. From advice on simple changes you can make to full refurbishments, we are your best choice in Yorkshire. Talk to us today and give your conservatory some much needed attention.