As you can tell from our name, K Glazing are glazing specialists. We can supply a range of non-standard glazing to suit your needs. A particularly popular specialist glazing option we offer is windows with integral blinds.

What are integral blinds?

Integral blinds are best thought of as ‘internal blinds’. They are directly sealed inside a window’s glazing panels and are operated by remote control or by magnets. Completely protected from outside interference, from dust accumulation and from wear and tear, integral blinds are a handy feature to invest in. Here are some practical benefits that come with integral blinds.

What are the benefits of integral blinds?

Increased protection and lifespan

If you have small children or particularly inquisitive pets, you probably know about the attraction that they seem to have to new blinds. Thanks to the fact that they are mounted directly inside the glazing, integral blinds are completed protected and won’t be damage so long as the glazing is intact. This makes it the perfect type of blind for family households.

Reduced dust accumulation

Conventional blinds can often reek havoc when it comes to dust and pet allergies around the home, collecting particles very easily. With integral blinds that are directly sealed in the glazing, this is no longer a problem. This can potentially reduce the effect of dust in your home.

Sharper window aesthetics

Having the blind unit sealed directly inside the double glazing panel reduces visual clutter and makes the overall window look a lot tidier. Investing in integral blinds can really help to transform the aesthetic of your property.

K Glazing: Yorkshire double glazing specialists

If you’re looking for high quality double glazing with integrated blinds and are based around the Yorkshire area, K Glazing are the company for you. With over 25 years’ experience of improving homes across the region, we’re the perfect home improvement company to choose. To find out more about our windows, doors, conservatories and glazing, give us a call on 01977 700025 or send us an email.