example sash upvc windowsSash windows are an important part of our heritage that are equally renowned for being insecure, draughty and hard to maintain. Luckily companies such as K Glazing offer fantastic timber alternative sash uPVC windows.

They are aesthetically identical but outstrip traditional materials in terms of thermal performance, security and reduced maintenance hassle.

What’s the problem with timber windows?

If you’ve seen timber windows they probably looked damaged, rotten and dated. If they didn’t, then a lot of time, money and effort would have been spent in maintaining them.

One key issue with traditional timber windows is their susceptibility to weather conditions; they expand and shrink in different temperatures and can crack, letting in wind and rain. They can also warp and become rotten over even just a few years of facing British weather!

As the temperatures are dropping and the naming of British storms beginning, it’s probably time to think about replacing your traditional frames with uPVC windows. Even if you didn’t have sash windows to begin with, K Glazing’s options can make an elegant and functional update to any age or style of property.

Tailor-made uPVC windows

Sash windows are famous for their beautiful detailing. Luckily, here at K Glazing we can offer a range of additional accessories to create the best looking windows on your street.

We can offer deep bottom rails, tilt-in for easy cleaning, Georgian bar detailing, the same depths and dimensions as traditional sashes and a classic colour choice of white, cream, rosewood or light oak.

If you would prefer to simply replace your dated glass, we can provide single glazed panels for older windows or replacement double and tripe glazed units for window repair. We can also offer amazing unique stained glass choices, working to your size, colour and design preferences.

Form and function – don’t just choose one!

Not only can you make your uPVC windows look identical to traditional ones and reflect the style of the rest of your home, but you can enjoy the many functional benefits of our sash uPVC windows.

The main benefit of modern sash windows is their thermal efficiency. Unlike traditional windows that can let in the cold through cracks or shrinkage, the uPVC materials used and chamber-based design retains far more heat. It’s no surprise that modern sash windows often achieve energy ratings of ‘A’, along with our aluminium, composite and upvc doors and conservatories.

Modern sash uPVC windows are also far more secure. Add optional hardware of multi-point locking systems and replacement hinges, and your windows are sure to keep out any potential burglars, especially if coupled with K Glazing’s strong double or triple glazing.

The security and overall design of our windows, along with our superb customer satisfaction, has given us the accreditation of being a Which? Trusted trader, a positive accolade in the window industry.

Great quality uPVC sash windows for Yorkshire

If you’re thinking of replacing traditional sash frames and glass or want to achieve a traditional look with many individual detailing options, K Glazing offers fantastic options of uPVC windows, in sash or other styles.

With 35 years of experience in the fenestration industry, we are a well-regarded glazing company in Yorkshire, offering honesty, integrity, reliability and quality in all of the installation work we complete.