Yorkshire’s integrated blind specialists

As one of Yorkshire’s leading double glazing companies, K Glazing can now supply integrated blinds pre-installed within the glazing of your new window or door.

Integrated blinds are simply blinds that sit between the double glazed panes of the window or door. Thanks to the fact that they are sealed within a vacuum inside the glazing unit, integrated blinds will not be subject to dust or damage. As a result, they won’t need the extensive cleaning and maintenance that conventional blinds require.

Innovative magnetic operation, superior privacy

Operated by an innovative magnetic control, integrated blinds are easy to use and have an increased lifespan when compared to that of ordinary external blinds. Integrated blinds can also help to shield a property from bright sunlight and harmful UV rays, whilst improving the overall privacy and security of your home.

Furthermore, integrated blinds can even enhance the appearance of your home by reducing visual clutter: this is due to fact that they are mounted directly within the glazing unit.

Features and benefits of integrated blinds from K Glazing

  • Integrated blinds are fitted directly within the glazed unit
  • Requires hardly any maintenance and no cleaning
  • Can enhance the privacy and security of your property.
  • Can be supplied with new double or triple glazed windows or doors, or fitted into existing windows or doors.