Gable conservatory in green uPVC

Whatever way you look at it, adding a conservatory to your home is always a big decision that is never taken likely. That’s why that the more technology has progressed, the more design options have become available in terms of conservatory manufacturing – giving homeowners better control over the process to always guarantee an impressive result.

Gone are the days when white was the only conservatory colour possible on the market, get your creative juices flowing with aluminium and uPVC conservatory colours from K-Glazing!

The ideal way of making extensions more distinct

When used in combination with the plentiful range of existing conservatory styles such as Loggia, Gable end and Shaped, choosing to colour your conservatory in something other than white simply helps make the back of your home feel more distinct and personal to you.

At K-Glazing we can provide any size, shape or length conservatory exactly as you determine, so why not take advantage of the ultimate customisation technique with a beautiful coloured conservatory that will always stay looking good as the day it was first installed.

Multiple colour variations in either aluminium or uPVC

Grand rosewood conservatory

Both our uPVC and aluminium conservatory frames come readily available in over a hundred possible RAL colours, allowing you to perfectly create a design that best suits your home’s existing sense of style and tone. For those feeling particularly inventive, different aluminium and uPVC conservatory colours can even be used inside and out.

If you live in a traditional-style property, the available aluminium and uPVC conservatory colours include an authentic range of wood-effect foils and woodgrain finishes, ideal for those wanting to project a sense of elegance but without the maintenance drawbacks of true timber. These colours are incredibly convincing, mimicking the specific textures to such an extent, houseguests will never be able to tell the difference.

Never compromising on style over performance

Just because coloured conservatories look good doesn’t mean they’ll deliver any less in terms of performance, with each aluminium and uPVC extension using the same high quality glazing utilised in our windows and doors. This means that you’ll enjoy thermal insulation so good, the space will always remain useable and inviting 365 days a year instead of just the spring or summer!

Helping Yorkshire homeowners get truly creative with their extensions

Since 1978, we’ve been at the forefront of giving homeowners situated throughout Yorkshire the home improvements they want, with coloured conservatories being just the latest way of letting us do this. For more information on how they can enhance your home, call our team on 01977 700025 or send us a message online.