French doors are a worthwhile upgrade over single doors and windows because they improve access, provide better views, and flood rooms with light.

French doors transform the feel of interior spaces and deliver the perfect entry to gardens and patios. Other than making the hole big enough, little structural work is needed, and you don’t need planning permission to install them.

If you are considering French doors for your home, here are the advantages:

Transform interior spaces

It’s no exaggeration to say that patio doors transform interior spaces by letting in loads of light and delivering perfect views. French doors are far more desirable and stylish than single doors and window blocks.

Enhanced access

French doors open individually or together, giving you ultimate modularity. They enhance access versus single doors and open up your home. French doors are ideal if you want to make your home easier to access.

Panoramic views

You can get French doors with thin columns and frames, giving you panoramic views of your garden. If your property has a beautiful garden or lovely views, French doors are a great way to make the most of what you have.

Enhanced security

The latest French doors are fitted with toughened safety glass and anti-snap locks that do not allow burglars to break them with force. Additionally, new units resist lifting and can be kicked without giving way (although the glass can still smash).


Modern French patio doors are as efficient as the best double glazing, which means A++ energy ratings that retain heat and lower your energy bills. You can also get triple glazed French doors, although these are more expensive.


French doors are designed to last, so most have a five or ten-year guarantee. The only parts that could fail from wear are the handles and hinges, which are easily replaced. If the glass is smashed, this can also be replaced.

Multiple finishes

If you don’t like white UPVC, you can get grey UPVC French doors or composite French doors that mimic the look and feel of wood. The most expensive and desirable option is real hardwood, with oak the most popular hardwood.

No planning permission

French doors do not need planning permission, so feel free to replace your single door or windows with them. However, keep in mind structural changes may be required to the wall (we can advise on this if you are unsure).

Cheaper than you think

You can expect to pay around £1,500 ex. VAT to convert an existing window into French doors. This includes the hardware, labour and recycling of old materials. You can expect to pay around £2,300 ex. VAT for a new opening.

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