No more heavy maintenance necessary thanks to easy application

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Perfect for homeowners wanting to save time and money, keeping their windows looking as sleek and clean as the day they were installed, the new Trushield glass protection from Edgetech has arrived in the form of K-Glazing’s bespoke easy clean glazing service.

The system itself works by applying a chemically bonded layer of glass to any window’s existing glazing, acting as an additional layer of defence against damage or grime which also makes it extremely easy to clean in only half of the normal time. Bring old windows back to life, improve energy performance and add an effective easy-clean layer all at the same time with Easy Clean glazing from us!

Retaining your windows’ original appearance for decades to come

Trushield succeeds in transforming your double glazing back to how they first looked when they were originally installed, meaning that if you are on a restricted budget or want to keep the visual style of your current windows, you can still benefit from easy clean glazing. Believe it or not, windows contribute greatly to how clean, contemporary or traditional your home’s aesthetic can be and should by no means be overlooked.

Protecting your windows from dirt, dust and other elements

Trushield reacts chemically with your window’s glazing to form a highly protective, durable and versatile protective layer to any type of glass, resisting almost every type of dirt in the process. This not only means that your windows require only a quick rub down whenever mess appears, but that they are naturally repellent to make this incredibly unlikely of happening in the first place.

Once undergoing the Trushield application, your windows will be much more effective at resisting a wide range of potentially harmful elements including, car exhaust fumes, tree sap and perhaps more importantly bird droppings. You’ll save time and money that you would otherwise spend cleaning yourself or having someone do it for you, by futureproofing your windows with Trushield to result in easy clean glazing.

Easy clean glazing vs competitors


Easy clean glazing provided by Yorkshire’s premier installers

In the same way that tilt &turn windows ‘tilt’ to improve access, patio doors slide for ease of use, opting for easy clean glazing from K Glazing simply helps to make your home life just that little bit easier. It will allow you to spend less time maintaining your windows and more time enjoying the panoramic views they provide!

For more information on the benefits Trushield can bring to your home, call us on 01977 7000 25 or get in touch online.