Creative ways to use stained and engraved glass in homes

Decorating your home with specialist glass is an easy and versatile way to add character and colour to your home.

Stained or engraved glass can be incorporated into windows and doors for a more personal touch, while glass splashbacks can add a splash of colour to your bathroom or kitchen.

Here are 5 creative ways glass can transform a home!

1. Stained glass

Stained glass was once reserved for the most grand and opulent applications because of the complexity and expense required in its production. Thanks to the development of glazing technology in recent years though, it’s now cost-effective to install stained glass in a range of domestic settings!

Suited to a range of homes, from heritage to contemporary properties, stained glass can really add a touch of traditional luxury and beauty to any space.

2. Decorative glass (with leaded designs)

Similar in many respects to stained glass, decorative glass is a great value alternative. Suited to practically any home, decorative glass is available in a range of classic and bespoke designs so that you have even more choice when it comes to customising your glazing. Decorative glass can take many forms, colours and textures allowing you a wide range of choices.

3. Sandblasted designs (ideal for house numbering)

Sandblasting, as the name suggests, uses a jet of sand blasted by compressed air or steam to roughen the surface of a pane of glass. Sandblasting can be used to create a variety of vintage, shabby chic designs. If you want to add a vintage touch to your property in an original and striking way, a sandblasted design could be for you!

4. Integrated blinds

Blinds are a great way to increase the privacy of your home and to control how much sunlight you let into a space. That said, blinds can often take up a lot of space and cause health issues related to dust, mould and bacteria in some cases. An integrated blind solves all of these problems though! Integrated blinds are fitted directly between the panels of glazing that make up a ‘sealed unit’. The blind is encased within the glass itself, and operated from the outside using innovative magnets.

Integrated blinds are a much more hygienic form of blinds that will not collect as much dust or bacteria. They can also help to save space around the home, and provide a clever solution to any inquisitive young children or pets that you may have who are fascinated with blinds!

5. Glass with integrated cat-flaps

If you have a cat or a dog, the chances are that you also have some sort of cat-flap or dog-flap fitted to one of the doors in your home. In the past, fitting a cat or dog-flap to a door with a large area of glazing, such as a Patio, French or Bi-fold door, could be a difficult affair, resulting in an ugly contraption that ill fitted the elegant design of a glazed door panel.

This is no longer the case though! A range of cat and dog flaps can now be fitted to your patio, French or bi-fold door, suited to its aesthetics. Able to be integrated with both double and triple glazing, an integrated cat flap in a glazed door is a great way to add practicality to your home without comprising on aesthetics.

Here at K Glazing, we can create a range of bespoke glass products for every aspect of your home. Send us a message for more information!