The perfect combination of style and strength

When choosing to improve your home, there are so many aspects to consider that it’s easy to consider it overwhelming! From the style of replacement windows to the kind of flooring you’d like to find yourself walking on, at K-Glazing we understand that there is only a limited amount of time for you to research. That’s why we’ve put together 5 facts you probably didn’t know about composite doors, to make your choice of entrance door all the easier!

1. Stronger than uPVC entrance doors
White front door in composite materials with glazed panel

Unlike typical uPVC entrance doors found in the front of most households, composite doors are generally much thicker and as such, are great for defence against any potential intruders. Whilst uPVC entrance doors only utilise a thin layer of polystyrene between you and the outside, all of our composites come surrounded in a reinforced frame to remain not only strong, but weathertight and protected against any harsh elements.

2. Incredible acoustic insulation

If your home is situated directly next to a busy road, you may find yourself regularly frustrated by the bothersome noises of the outside world. A double rebate feature incorporated into the frame of composite doors provides unrivalled acoustic insulation when compared to a normal single rebated door. There’s never been a more efficient way outside of extra glazing to reduce any unwanted noise.

3. Multi-layered material core to help retain heat

Unlike either the uPVC or timber door styles that combine to create a composite door, they boast a multi-layered material core to create a door which is thicker, stronger and more robust than it would be if it was engineered using only one material. This solid core makes it all the more difficult for heat to escape the home, keeping it warmer for longer as a result. Composite doors regularly achieve exceedingly low U-values.

4. Indistinguishable from original timber

Ideal for those boasting a period or heritage-style property, composite doors are great for maintaining the authenticity, thanks to aesthetics that are Indistinguishable from original timber. As with most things the devil is in the detail, that’s why any composite door supplied and fitted by us features a timber grain effect to always achieve a rich and classic style that creates a warm and welcome entrance to the home every time.

Anthracite grey composite front door
5. Lifespan of 35 years and up

It’s true that any K-Glazing composite door automatically comes backed by our amazing 10 year guarantee, but odds are you will never need to use it. This is because the lifespan of any good composite has been proven to be at least 35 years. When compared to your typical uPVC entrance door that is more along the lines of between 15 – 20, a composite door is a high performance investment that will see you live comfortably well into the future.

High performance composite doors from K Glazing

At K-Glazing, we truly care about not only the appearance of your home, but the overall functionality also. Our wide range of high performance composite doors act as the best way to easily accomplish both, all at a highly competitive and affordable price. For more information on how a replacement composite door can help enhance your home, call us on 01977 700025 or get in touch online today!