If there’s one aspect of everyday life we would all like to make easier, it’s cleaning. K Glazing are helping to solve this problem by giving homeowners the option of easy clean glazing for both new and existing windows and doors. Poorly maintained windows with dirt build-up can find their efficiency decreased. It’s important to keep them as close to perfect as possible to keep your home warm as well as looking great.

Innovation from TruShield

TruShield glass protection system is the most advanced of its kind allowing you to leave your windows to do the hard work. This technology adds a chemically bonded layer to your existing glass which repels dirt. Put simply, the windows clean themselves by repelling anything they come into contact with, leaving them looking flawless. Chemical erosion is protected against as well as the elements. Whatever the weather throws at you, you can be sure that your windows will still be looking spotless. Wherever you live you can benefit from TruShield as it’s suitable for all environments. Coastal areas that experience high levels of wind and rain are no problem.

Suitable for all glazing

It can be applied to all types of glazing so whether you have stained glass or bevelled you can still have the benefits of maintenance free glazing. It’s incredibly durable and unlike other brands only requires one application, making it cost effective as well as efficient. It is suitable for older windows as well as newly installed ones so there’s no need to replace tired windows. Simply invest in TruShield to give them a new lease of life.

White upvc conservatory with self cleaning glass, with cat flap

Shiny and immaculate windows all year round

The layer is not visible to the naked eye and will just leave you with a flawless sparkling window that doesn’t reduce the amount of light that streams through. Your windows will be able to retain the appearance and performance they had the day they were installed. You might even make the neighbours think you’ve had them replaced. The biggest incentive is simply that cleaning your windows will no longer be a chore you have to endure. Freeing up your time for something more enjoyable.

K Glazing dedicated to making your life easier

The lifespan of your windows could greatly improve thanks to TruShield. It is an investment you can benefit from for years to come. Value will be added to your property as well as eliminating the need for a window cleaner. K Glazing offers this specialist layer at an affordable price so everyone can enjoy the advantages of easy clean glazing.

So if you would like to give your windows a makeover, contact K Glazing today to find out about their revolutionary easy clean glazing.