Conservatory Roof Conversion

The Leka Roof is a lightweight solid tiled roofing system for new and existing conservatories and orangeries. It outperforms common fibreglass, polycarbonate and glazed roofing systems with engineered tiles that match the roof of your home.

The Leka Roof is a lightweight, tiled roofing system for new and existing conservatories and orangeries.

  • 100% solid roofing system
  • Certified by JHAI with Building Regulations Approval
  • Weighs less than half that of a traditional roof
  • Compatible with most existing builds
  • Suitable for conservatories and orangeries
  • Metrotile and Tapco tiles to match your home roof
  • Engineered to perfection, designed to perform
  • No outer plywood or extra structural bracing necessary
  • Significantly reduces glare, making your space more usable
  • Improves thermal efficiency
  • Designed to fit. Every roof is built up onsite with perfect precision.

The beauty of the Leka Roof is its versatility. Every roof is custom designed to the measurements of the build. The types of roof available include gable ended, lean-to, Victorian and Edwardian. These roof styles are the most common. If you want something different, the Leka Roof can be designed to suit.

The result of installation in an existing build is the new roof appears as though it is the original installation. It does not look aftermarket. For new builds, the Leka Roof is a way to get a solid roof in place of where a glass or polycarbonate roof would be. This is an important point – the Leka Roof is a genuine alternative to common fibreglass, traditional build, glass and polycarbonate roofing systems.

Installers love the Leka Roof because it’s simple to erect. It is an expertly engineered system made from glass-reinforced plastic, a lighter material than aluminium or timber, and the internal boards we use are a third the weight of plasterboard. Celotex insulation sheets, the best on the market, fill the gap to tile to guarantee thermal efficiency. The roof is then lined with waterproof sheets and finished with engineered tiles.

You have a choice of Tapco slate or Metrotile concrete tiles. These are less than a third of the weight of slate and concrete but just as strong. Importantly, they look wonderful and are available in a range of colours to match most house roofs. This means you can have a conservatory that appears to be a genuine extension of your home – not an add on. This is the visual benefit the Leka Roof has over a glass one.

The Leka Roof is so good it is JHAI certified. JHAI is an approved building inspector licensed by the Government. Because the Leka Roof is JHAI certified, this means it can be signed off without having to engage in building control. This speeds up the build.

The Leka Roof is also LABSS certified. LABSS represents building control professionals in councils across Scotland. The Leka Roof is Network VEKA Approved. Network VEKA is a leading independent network of system installers. Leka Systems is also an official partner of FairTrades and an official partner of HomePro.

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