Easy Clean Glazing

For ultimate protection against the elements

At K Glazing, we understand that it’s becoming increasingly more challenging for modern homeowners to keep their windows looking as clean and sleek as the first day they were installed. We’re aiming to resolve this issue with our bespoke Easy clean glazing, acting as the ultimate protection against the elements and chemical erosion.

From the experienced minds of Edgetech UK, our new easy clean glazing is made possible thanks to the next generation TruShield glass protection system which applies a chemically bonded layer of glass to enhance light and increase protection.

Highly durable with easy maintenance

Trushield reacts chemically with your glass to form a highly protective, durable and versatile protective layer to any type of glass, repelling all types of dirt in the process. This not only makes for a window or door that is now significantly easy to clean, but one that retains the look and performance of its original design on the day it was installed. The result is K Glazing’s easy clean glazing.

Bring your old windows back to life, improve your home’s energy efficiency and add an effective easy-clean layer to your existing glass products with our easy clean glazing service. You’ll find that you will save time, effort and money all thanks to the power of the TruShield glass protection system that works well in all environment conditions.


Renovation over replacement for your glazing

We recognise that not every home might not necessarily need their windows replacing, either having been recently fitted or are of a unique shape or style homeowners would wish to retain. That’s why K glazing’s easy clean glazing method can act as a wildly affordable solution that see’s your windows and doors renovated as opposed to replaced.

Slow dirt build-up on your windows could put their energy performance at risk, meaning that you might not be reaping all of the corresponding benefits such as warmth, bill reduction and heat retention. Applying an additional layer of chemically bonded protection prevents this and is a highly affordable solution that even homeowners on a limited budget can profit from.

Find out more information about our easy clean glazing service, or send us a message if you have any other queries.

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