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If there’s one aspect of everyday life we would all like to make easier, it’s cleaning. K Glazing are helping to solve this problem by giving homeowners the option of easy clean glazing for both new and existing windows and doors. Poorly maintained windows with dirt build-up can find their efficiency decreased. It’s important to […]

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Here at K-Glazing we are a cut above the rest. Not only do we offer all the standard glazing products, windows, doors, conservatories, in a range of styles. We also offer a bespoke specialist glass service. Whether you want to make your home stand out with an ornate stained glass window, or tastefully update your […]

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No more heavy maintenance necessary thanks to easy application Perfect for homeowners wanting to save time and money, keeping their windows looking as sleek and clean as the day they were installed, the new Trushield glass protection from Edgetech has arrived in the form of K-Glazing’s bespoke easy clean glazing service. The system itself works […]