Triple Glazed Windows

High quality triple glazed windows from a Yorkshire specialist

Triple glazing technology has rapidly developed over the past few years and is now capable of providing exceptional levels of thermal and acoustic insulation in a home. As specialist glaziers with over 35 years experience, K Glazing are proud to offer triple glazing as part of our product range.

What is triple glazing?

Triple glazing works by using the space between three panes of glass to trap warm air and stop it escaping quickly from a home. This type of glazing provides exceptional levels of thermal retention making it one of the most effective ways to improve the energy efficiency of a home.

Triple glazing is very similar to double glazing in concept. As the name suggests though, triple glazed windows use three panes of glazing rather than two, which provides enhanced thermal and acoustic insulation.

Save money with triple glazing

The exceptional thermal retention benefits provided by triple glazing can help to reduce the energy consumption of your home. Triple glazed windows can keep your home warmer for longer, and maximise the effects of the energy you do use.This can help you to save money on the cost of your heating bills in the long term. Triple glazing can even help to reduce noise pollution.

Benefits of triple glazed windows from K Glazing

  • Provides enhanced thermal and acoustic insulation, keeping a home warmer for longer
  • Can improve the energy efficiency of a home, saving you money on your heating bills
  • A worthwhile, long term investment for your home
  • Installed by skilled and experienced professionals

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