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Speak to an advisor 8.00am - 4.30pm Mon-Friday
Call K Glazing today

Get Prescribed Xanax Online, Alprazolam Pills Online

We’re proud of our Yorkshire heritage and being based in Pontefract makes us perfectly placed to travel across the whole of this county providing quality home improvements. As a family run company, our values of honesty, integrity, reliability and quality underpin everything we do.

Here at K Glazing we offer high-quality double glazing and home improvements across South and West Yorkshire. Specialising in bespoke glass projects as well as conservatories and orangeries.

Get Prescribed Xanax Online, Alprazolam Pills Online

The charming West Yorkshire town of Castleford is just down the road from us in Pontefract. We often find ourselves bringing our high-quality home improvements to families in this area.

The town is part of the metropolitan borough of Wakefield and was the site of a Roman fort town. This was called Lagentium and had all the features of a traditional roman settlement including temples and bathhouses. Many remains have been found from this time which can be seen in Leeds city museum.

During the 19th century Castleford became a boomtown with the population growing from 1000 to 14,000 due to an increase in collieries being built. There are still plenty of attractive Victorian terraces and larger family homes from this time. This provides us with a welcome challenge as we can provide your home with modern and efficient windows, doors and conservatories that keep your home’s authentic charm. The town is going through a regeneration process with many new homes being built as well. Whatever style of home you have, we can help.

Get Prescribed Xanax Online, Alprazolam Pills Online

White gable front conservatory
White gable front conservatory
White timber effect windows
White timber effect windows
Edwardian style conservatory in uPVC
Edwardian style conservatory in uPVC
Gable conservatory in green uPVC
A stained glass window with lead detail
Composite Door
Composite Door
the interior of an orangery

Functional and attractive home improvements across Castleford

Whether your home needs some modernising with effective double glazing or you want to increase your space with an elegant orangery, here at K Glazing we can help. We know the area well and are bound to have worked on homes near you. Whatever you’re trying to achieve to create your dream home, we’re the name to trust.

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Window Offers in Castleford

Backed by our amazing 10 year guarantee

K Glazing are accredited by the following bodies and comply with the highest industry standards. We also provide a 10 year guarantee on frame and glass backed by the GGFi.

Our accreditations Which? Trusted Trader Image Map